Add your Initiatives
What are the different initiatives or projects that you’re working on? Add Initiatives to represent each of those. Then you can tag each work item with the relevant Initiative and keep track of how the team’s effort is spent.
Examples: Website update, Launch Summer Offer, CES Event, etc.
Set up your Team
Create a team with those you work with. Planning together as a team helps inform each other of the priorities, goals and tasks. This is especially helpful when some of the teammates work remotely.
Define your short term plan
In Daytrip, your work happens in short-term Episodes, similar to how your favorite TV show unfolds in Episodes.
You and your team create a set of goals and tasks for the next two weeks (one Episode). It gives you and your team incredible focus on the right priorities. Once you start the Episode, the race to achieve the defined goals and tasks is on.
Focus on Today
Work happens only one day at a time, and it’s critical to have focus on what needs to be done today. That’s why your Home screen in Daytrip is focused on “Today”, where you prioritize your tasks for the day and focus on getting those done.
Work together as a team
It’s easy to collaborate as a team. Comment on tasks and goals, or mention your colleagues to get their attention. Assign tasks or goals for others. Receive notifications when updates occur.
Review, reflect, improve
Dedicate some time after every Episode to reflect on what worked and what could be improved. Simple visualizations of progress and history make it easy to identify opportunities to improve, resulting in faster progress and happier team members.
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